So You REALLY Think
You're BRAVE Enough
To See The REAL Pics?

First . . . A Little Apology

Seems like I MIGHT have posted a pic or two of a friend and his date that maybe I shouldn't have!

Personal Note - No kidding, I REALLY thought that it was just an innocent Father/Daughter get-a-way when I ran into you in Las Vegas . . . You didn't tell me she was your DATE!

. . . Just Sayin'!!!

Keep On Smilin'!


Oooopsie!  Sorry Dude!!!!

Oh Well . . . Life Moves On!

But . . . Maybe YOU Shouldn't!

The following pages may prove to be a bit unsettling for some . . . And an absolute HOOT for others!

Please remember to keep an open mind when viewing some of the items (after all, this IS all in good FUN among good friends!)

Seriously, if you are easily offended, you may not want to proceed . . . AND if you DO, I really don’t want to hear about it later.

. . . Just Sayin’!!!

Well Alright, If You Are REALLY Sure
You Want To See'um
Just Catch Mr. Squirrel To Continue!

Catch Me If You Can!
If there any questions or concerns always feel free to say HEY DADDY!